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>> david garibaldi. and the cmyk's. wow. howard, talk to them. >> david, i'm always amazed by what you do. you are a great performer. you're a great artist. you always keep our attention. you know, i do believe that you will be one of the acts to go through to the finals. going to give you a bit of caution though, when you get there, you'll be up against some tough acts and sometimes you can
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keep us waiting a little too long. keep it moving fast every. i know that's hard to do and i understand what you do. but sometimes we're waiting and waiting for the payoff, and we can get a little nudgey for lack of a better word. so be careful about that. but you're terrific, and i enjoy what you do. >> nick: sharon? >> i love what you do. you are very passionate about everything that you do. you are so creative. you're very orange by adding the dance to your art. you remind me you're at this fabulous street artist that was given this stage too. and it's a real pleasure to see you progress. now you've brought in more dancers, and more action going everywhere. it's really paying off. i really hope that we are going to see you here next week. >> howie is this. >> you know, this is the thing. the thing is you are not just an entertainer.
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you aren't just an artist. you are a creator. you know? you created something we've never seen before. and you know what, what a great way to top off and end this evening, because this is what i started with. the first act i said you're doing one thing. you do one thing amazing, and we end up with the last few acts, you're not just a good painter. i watched a dance act, a music act, i watched tumblers, and i didn't mind waiting. the best things are worth waiting for, howard. and you were worth waiting for. and you are worth voting for. it's not going to happen. stop tweeting me how good they are, and then get mad at me tomorrow when they don't go through. only three can go through. it's your fault, not my fault. >> if you get to the finals, listen to me. you've got to win this thing for a million dollars. you must move it along quickly. that's all i'm saying.
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>> nick: takes time to create a masterpiece. i'm dumfounded by how it happens. is it a paint by number system? how do you do it? >> i wish it was that easy, but these guys put so much time into the studio. lot of dedication goes into this 90 seconds on stage. >> awesome. to put david garibaldi through, all you have to do is call and vote: >> okay, all his performances are done. this is for the finals, ladies and gentlemen. here's all the info you need to vote .
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>> drew: all right. there you have it. voting is now open. it has been an amazing show. remember, this is for the final three spots in the finals. you can vote online at nbc dot com, voting will be open for two hours. we will see you on thursday. that's right. it's going to be thursday at 8/7 central. the earlier time. we'll also have amazing performances! you do not want to miss this show.
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we will see you tomorrow night. over. i told him like i tell all my kids, i said i love you, matt. and he said i love you too, mom. >> matt offered to make a fast food run so fran would have something in her stomach, but she was still hurting and waved him off. >> he said do you want something to eat? i was like yeah, never mind, i'll not eat it anyway. >> as matt left to run errands, fran snoozed. >> i woke up 5:47, i called him, he didn't answer. texted him, waiting for him to reply staring at the phone, fell back asleep. she called him twice more. remembers the times, 7:31 and 9:01. she was starting to freak. >> even that soon you felt something was wrong.
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>> he always calls me back. i started calling police stations and hospitals. >> over at the barbeque, the salmon tasted great, matt and fran were no-shows. no one thought twice about it. >> i knew she was running a fever and you don't feel like doing much, especially going to parents' house. >> matt's friends were getting as worried as francesca. band mates were used to texting and calling almost hourly and matt had gone mia. >> i guess you were thinking what could it be. >> exactly. >> chris emrick got in his car and drove down roads matt would likely have driven that day. >> thinking maybe slid into a ditch or something, i don't know. >> by 9:00 sunday night, chris was concerned enough to call matt's mother. >> he says well, you know, we can't find him anywhere, we don't know where he is. >> starting to get worried? >> i was starting to get worried. >> doreen landry worked in banking business for years, knows how to spot patterns of
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fraud. she clicked on the computer to check his debit card activity. that's when alarm bells were going off. >> what did you see when you logged on his account? >> three $100 withdrawals cash from atm machine with a $2 fee from a gas station on 7 mile road in detroit. >> what did that add up to you? >> a few things. number one, what was matt doing at 7 mile in detroit. >> 7 mile, the northeast side is an especially rough piece of detroit turf. drug dealing gangs run the streets there, a bleak landscape of burned out houses and abandoned cars. >> why would matt take out all his money out of his account. >> matt was careful with his money. it didn't make sense. >> why would matt use an atm machine with a fee. >> you don't see matt withdrawing that himself. >> no.
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i was hoping it was him. somehow that didn't fit the picture at all. >> sunday came to an end and few people in matt's circle could sleep that night. the next day, one of the same nearby suburbs, a teenager cashing a paycheck would be pulled into the mystery surrounding matt landry. she got the scare of her young life. >> when we come back, a life and death drama at the bank. >> as soon as i saw the check on the counter, felt a gun to the back of my head. >> what could this have to do with matt. questions now about two young lives. [ female announcer ] every day, there's a new reason not to make a home-cooked meal.
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when does it become where is matt, we have to find him. >> he had been off the grid almost a day. running silent, scared everyone, especially his girlfriend. >> francesca, why did you start calling hospitals and police stations. >> nobody heard from him. i want to know if maybe he got in a car accident, maybe a flat tire on the side of the road, in a ditch, i don't know what happened. >> the parents, bon and doreen were anxious by the minute, waiting by the phone that didn't ring. monday they called the local police in chesterfield. an officer came to the house. >> cops get these reports from families very often and usually they say he is a kid, give it time, he will walk in the door. >> he alluded to the fact that
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most of the time these kids end up at crack houses and crash there a few days and eventually come home. i remember saying to him i pray to god you're right. >> as the lan degrees worry in there house monday, a few miles south in harrison township, a young woman was walking towards flag star bank. >> i was cashing my first paycheck from a dog kennel. >> new job, first paycheck. >> yeah. >> sarah, 19, noticed a young guy in sunglasses on the street definitely checking her out as she approached the bank. it creeped herb out a little, but she tried to ignore it, went directly to a teller window. the man in the shades stormed in behind her as seen in chilling detail on the security cameras. >> i handed them my check. as soon as i sat that check on the counter, i felt a gun to the back of my head. >> then all calm and collected, he began giving the bank teller
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instructions. >> what did he say? >> he said give me $50,000 or i'll kill her. >> and you could feel the muzzle of the gun on your head? >> he pressed it against me hard where i was bent over the counter, had his hand on the back of my neck, too. >> the teller resisted the demand for $50,000. she said she didn't have that much. the man with the gun continued to threaten sarah. >> give me $50,000 or she's dead. >> yeah. >> how long did this go on? >> not that long. he ended up opening the drawer, giving what she had. >> the robbers let go of sarah, crossed the bank lobby where he grabbed more cash as others hid in fear. he wasn't done with the pretty blonde that apparently caught his eye. >> he came back to me and grabbed me and said you have to come with me or i'm going to kill you. >> what did you say, what did you do? >> i sat down and said no. >> you sat down on the bank
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floor. >> uh-huh. >> it was a stand off of sorts. the man had his fire power. sarah her will power. >> and he is saying get up, you're going with me? >> he tried to pull me. he said get up or i'm going to kill you, and i just sat there. then he was out running to the door. >> breaking news out of macomb county, a manhunt under way for a bank robber that hit a flag star bank in harrison township. >> the armed robber fled. bank employees and customers knew they had literally dodged a bullet. police would say sarah by refusing to go with him as a hostage had done everything right. >> give you a lot of credit you may have saved your life in that moment. >> i was just scared. i didn't want to go with him. seemed like the best option. >> but that gunman gave the cops chills. a robber, cool, poised, and seemingly all too ready to do whatever it took to pull off his crime. chesterfield pee dee detective
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scott blackwell. >> normally bank robbers come in, pass a note, get the money and move on. this was a violent bank robbery. >> what did the brazen young robber have to do with matt landry? that connection would have to wait for the story told by a gas station atm and the security camera pointed at him. >> coming up. >> i can't believe i am doing this right now. i didn't know what to do. >> at last, a break. >> a huge development. >> when "dateline" continues. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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bob and dorene, the parents of matt, the young man missing for the third day now, could only pray that he would walk in the door. the police told them, often kids go off like this, and it's something to do with drugs. the parents weren't buying it. >> didn't fit the pattern for matt. >> reporter: something innocent would explain matt's absence. >> i still had hope that it was something crazy. it was something, you know -- he'll show up. >> yes. something that we would laugh about. >> reporter: but just in case it wasn't that, matt's mother and girlfriend, after waiting the required 24 hours, went to matt's hometown police in chesterfield to get an official missing person case going. >> in the state here, just in case, we wanted to make sure someone was always here at the
10:22 pm
house. >> reporter: at first, chesterfield pd told the landrys it wasn't their case. they would need to go to the cops in another jurisdiction, roseville, some 13 miles south where francesca lived and where matt had last been seen. did you get the feeling you were being brushed off? >> yes. >> reporter: it was a nuisance case? >> yes. and he was like wait in the lobby. >> reporter: was the family frustrated? >> i think they were frustrated. >> reporter: but chesterfield detective scott blackwell was struck by her unshakeable belief in her son's integrity. >> i said it will be taken care. we're not going to leave you hanging. >> reporter: detective blackwell was especially interested to read dorene's printout of the suspicious atm withdrawals from matt's account. >> he said the first thing he's going to do is let's find out if this was matthew who did these withdrawals. >> reporter: so the detective, hoping to find an answer on the security cam video, went down to the sunoco in the crime-ridden streets and caught a break. >> i went to sam's club, and just for that, to get that
10:23 pm
system. >> reporter: the gas station owner, moses rahimi, days before matt went missing, had bought a new security camera system. the security cam he was replacing had a blind spot in the back where his atm dispenser was. moses opened the carton and set to installing his new video security system. it was the weekend. his son said, forget it, let's wait. >> i said no, we're not going home until we hook it up. >> reporter: and on the security cam video, detective blackwell was seeing something that filled him with dread. someone else is using his card at that point. >> that's correct. and it's obvious foul play. >> the news didn't surprise me. for some reason. i was hoping it was matt. >> reporter: meanwhile, on that tuesday, back north in the near suburbs, matt's friends and family fanned out through the county, putting up matt's flyers. they checked auto zone stores. maybe he had stopped by one of them for his broken car alarm.
10:24 pm
francesca was searching, too. checking out dumpsters. >> and i'm like, i can't believe i'm doing this right now. searching through dumpsters for my boyfriend. i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: as francesca moved south into detroit proper, she saw a crush of police cars flashing lights. she elbowed her way through the gawkers to see what everyone was looking at. it was matt's abandoned car. >> and i was like, yeah, that's his car. >> reporter: big development. >> yeah, huge development. >> reporter: francesca managed to put one of the police officers on her cell with dorene, matt's mom. did they tell you about anything they had found in the car at that point? >> he mentioned some maps. but matt delivered pizzas, so i -- matt keeps maps in his car. >> reporter: by tuesday, 21-year-old matt landry's disappearance had become a tv news story. >> family members have been busy during the last few days, handing out these flyers, hoping someone will help them find matt.
10:25 pm
>> reporter: in that same newscast, viewers were getting an update on that brazen bank stick-up the day before. >> a local teenager and a look of terror that has gripped metro detroit in fear. >> reporter: just watching the news, like anyone else, was a police detective from roseville. lieutenant ray blarek. this was a vicious incident. >> very vicious, yes, sir. >> reporter: the detective watched the security cam pics of the bandit in sunglasses, holding a gun to a young female customer. a bad crime, but still one he never expected to investigate. >> because it didn't have anything to do with the city of roseville, where i'm in. it's a couple jurisdictions over. >> reporter: but by the next day, the detective would prove himself wrong. he would be thick in the bank robbery case, as well as the disappearance of matt landry. a missing person report he knew virtually nothing about. but, dots were getting connected, and there was one more to come. when we come back, another brazen attack on a bright afternoon.
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>> he's scared to death. could you get someone down here? >> will it shed light on what might have happened to matt? >> you need to get a detective in there, now. >> when "taken" continues. ♪
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with local small businesses last year. and, together, we can keep this... we're committed. ...the great state of california. committed to california. ♪ i just got carjacked. >> reporter: lieutenant blarek
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of the roseville police was at his desk tuesday when the call came in. a carjacking in progress at the walmart, just down the street. >> he told me to run and i ran. >> reporter: blarek and his fellow officers responded quickly. but surprisingly, the carjacked car, a red civic, was still in the walmart parking lot. the vehicle's owner was shaken up, but okay. >> he was approached at his driver's door by this suspect. >> reporter: guy displaying a gun? >> displayed a gun, told him to get out of the car. >> reporter: and why didn't the gunman take off with the car? >> when he got in the car to attempt to drive away, he didn't know how to drive a stick. >> reporter: you're kidding. >> no. >> reporter: nearby an officer spotted a nervous-eyed man with a bad '70s era afro wig. >> during the foot chase, the wig fell off. >> reporter: a man who steals a car he doesn't know how to drive and then bolts in a jimi hendrix wig might have been comical. but this suspect was also armed. >> he was putting his hand in
10:31 pm
his pocket, possibly trying to get the gun out. >> reporter: the gun and clip were tossed away in a footchase that ended when police zapped the man from a taser gun like this one. when the jolts wore off and the man was back on his feet, lieutenant blarek recognized a familiar face, someone he had seen just recently on tv. >> he was standing right there, right in front of me in the walmart lot when i said, that's the bank robber. >> reporter: the same ice-cold bandit who had held a gun to 19-year-old sarah maynard's head and demanded money. >> give me $50,000 or i'll kill her. >> a violent suspect, involved in two things we know of, and who knows how many others. >> reporter: could one of those other things be a missing person? just that day, the detective had become aware that dorene landry had reported her son missing to the police in roseville, where matt's girlfriend lived and he had last been seen. and lieutenant blarek knew something else. detroit police had just found
10:32 pm
the young man's car abandoned in a bad neighborhood. he wondered, did the walmart suspect now in his holding cell have an appetite for carjackings? had he also maybe stolen matt's car? by then, the abandoned car had been towed to the police station in matt's hometown, chesterfield. the detective called a counterpart there about his hunch. >> i told him, i said, i think it's all related. i said, can you get somebody to go into the car without destroying any evidence and see if there is anything in there that links the bank robbery to matt landry. >> reporter: and sure enough, there was. and it had to do with that map found inside matt landry's car. when investigators got a closer look at it, they saw an x marks the spot pinpointing the flagstar bank, which the guy in the shades had robbed, and where he briefly held a 19-year-old hostage. now lieutenant blarek began filling in the blanks. he figured that the guy who pulled off the bank job was the
10:33 pm
same guy who carjacked matt landry's honda with him in it. he wasn't ready to share that conclusion with matt's parents yet. he had something to do first. at 11:30 tuesday night, the detective and a partner went down to that bleak section of detroit, where matt's green honda had been ditched. >> we started looking for matt landry. >> reporter: so the question in your mind, lieutenant, are we going to find the body of matt landry, or do you expect to find this guy bound inside one of these houses? >> i didn't know what we were going to find, but i was hoping he was still alive. that's why i went out there. >> reporter: two others were searching the same bad neighborhood tuesday night, but they weren't the police. >> this was our first house we looked at. >> reporter: two friends of matt's father had come down to investigate on their own. >> they think your friend's son could be in one of these houses. you know you're going to search until you find him. >> reporter: the family friends, amateur detectives armed with only a flashlight, managed to search dozens of homes, many of them burnt-out shells. a local guide challenged them. >> we had to tell them we were
10:34 pm
working on a case, and he believed -- we were the police, which was good for us. who knows what he would have tried. >> reporter: the two friends, like the cops before them, also went to the sunoco station and got the owner to play them the video of the atm withdrawal made on matt's card. as the friend studied the security cam video, a clerk behind the counter was watching local news. up popped a recap of the bank robbery story. it was a, hey, that's him kind of moment. they swivelled heads from the news clip of the sunglasses-wearing bank robber to the figure on their security cam who had just withdrawn the money. bingo. >> we all put together that it's the same guy. it was the same guy who did the bank robbery, same guy that used matthew's atm card at the sunoco station. >> reporter: what's more, the guy behind the counter recognized the person in the atm security cam video. a local street tough who went by the name of ihop. the counter man said he had a rep as being a gang member and a
10:35 pm
violent thief. the friends told the landrys what they had learned, that a kid named ihop seemed to be behind matt's disappearance. and the landrys also heard he was already in police custody for the botched carjacking in the local walmart. matt's mom called the roseville pd. >> i said the manure holding who just robbed the bank is the same man who used my son's debit card. and my son is missing. you need to get a detective in there now to talk to him. >> reporter: that detective would be lieutenant ray blarek, who just pieced it all together himself. now he needed answers from the man they call ihop, and the veteran cop had a few tricks up his sleeve to get what he wanted. >> coming up. >> he is definitely one of the coldest people i've ever talked to. >> an intense interrogation and troubling new information.
10:36 pm
an eyewitness on the day matt vanished. >> they're beating him up now. hurry up! hurry, hurry! >> when "dateline" continues. blog as much as you like,
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but if you really want to make an impact, vote. then, what matters to you and the people you care about will really count. you'll want to vote the more you know. by early wednesday, matt landry's fourth day missing, his parents, bob and dorene, had put together some facts that scared them to death.
10:40 pm
the same guy seen on tape using matt's atm card looked to be the man who had robbed the flagstar bank. >> when i saw him holding a gun to that girl's head, knowing he was the one who used my son's atm card -- i knew it wasn't good. >> reporter: and the suspected bank robber, street name ihop, was also carrying a gun when he attempted a carjacking at the walmart, according to the police. ihop was now in a holding cell at the roseville pd. and the landrys, getting desperate, time not on their side, began pressuring the police there to get immediate answers from him as to matt's whereabouts. even though matt's disappearance wasn't officially their case. >> give me back my brother. just bring him back! >> reporter: sister gina turned up the heat on the internet. >> i actually put on facebook anyone who can go up to the roseville police station and all these people showed up at the roseville police station at
10:41 pm
midnight just to kind of show power in numbers to get them to question him. >> reporter: bob and dorene went over to roseville to talk to the detectives in person. >> you need to get somebody in there right now. don't you understand? every minute counts. >> reporter: lieutenant blarek didn't need the prodding. he and a partner were itching to question the suspect after they had returned from detroit, where they had spent a long night searching for matt with no results. >> we're just checking abandoned houses, checking alleys, checking burned up garages. >> and you're seeing nothing. >> no evidence of matt landry at all, sir. >> reporter: at 3:45 in the morning, a bone-tired blarek and his partner devised an interview strategy, hoping ihop would cough something up. >> i was just going to sit there in the chair and i wasn't going to say anything to him. >> reporter: in the interrogation room, the other officer peppered the suspect with questions, but ihop was dodging him. so blarek rattled him. >> i had a picture of matt
10:42 pm
landry inside my notebook. when it got to the point it was obvious this wasn't going anywhere, i took out that picture, and i held it up and i said, we found him. >> reporter: reaction from him. >> he saw a ghost. he saw a ghost. >> reporter: but not shaken enough to spill whatever he might know about matt landry. what are you seeing, lieutenant, when you're right there with the guy. you see anything in his eyes? >> just a cold, callous, heartless person. he is definitely near the top of the list. if not on top of one of the coldest people i've ever talked to. >> reporter: the landrys headed home from the roseville pd, satisfied at last that the police were now seeing their son's disappearance as they were. gina, their daughter, meanwhile, was learning more troubling information about her brother, something she had picked up on the internet. >> i got a phone call from one of my best friends. and she said, gina, check your facebook when you get home. and, you know, there's an important message on there. >> reporter: the heads up was from a woman gina had known in high school.
10:43 pm
>> her parents had witnessed on sunday a violent carjacking, and it was a green honda. >> 911, police. >> i'm not sure, but it looks like a robbery. they've got a guy cornered over here. >> reporter: the previous sunday afternoon, the police in yet another small city near detroit, eastpointe, got a 911 call. the distressed witness was reporting an apparent carjacking and abduction in the parking lot here behind the quizno's sub shop. but when the police officers arrived, the car in question was gone, and they weren't sure exactly what it was they had to write up. the incident at the quizno's went largely unnoticed, until matt's sister got tip to it by a friend online. so now you have a lot of very bad information at your disposal, huh? >> well, i just felt sick when i showed my mom the facebook message and it said carjacking at the quizno's. >> as soon as she said quizno's, i said that was the last place matt used his debit card, other than the atm.
10:44 pm
>> he's got him by the neck now. i think he's putting him in the trunk. he is beating him up. hurry up now. hurry, hurry! >> reporter: what the 911 caller had seen, in fact, was matt landry. so there was the missing piece of the puzzle. and as francesca put it together, it all started because her concerned boyfriend had decided on his own that she, feeling crummy, needed a tlc sandwich to get back on her feet. >> well, he had mentioned to the girl at quizno's, my girlfriend is sick, i don't know what to get her, can you help me. and that's why he got two subs. >> reporter: two subs that started a three-day crime spree in the detroit suburbs. from the quizno's in east point on sunday afternoon, spreading ten miles to the flagstar bank in harrison township at high noon on monday. and ending eight miles away at the walmart in roseville, midday on tuesday. bad news, bad patterns. but matt's family and friends were still clinging to a sliver of hope. >> okay, he's still alive somewhere, he's still alive somewhere. maybe he's just tied up. maybe he's just tied up.
10:45 pm
maybe he's just -- they're holding him at a crack house or something. maybe, maybe, maybe. >> reporter: you had a dream. >> i had a dream before he went missing that he was kidnapped. and i found him in a basement tied up to one of those old-time heaters. >> reporter: five days in, a joint police task force had been formed to search those basements and burned-out homes on detroit's northeast side near where the car had been found. the same suburban police departments who initially couldn't agree on whose case it was now came together for one purpose. to find matt landry. from chesterfield, where matt lived, roseville, where he was last seen with francesca and where the walmart carjacking went down, and eastpointe, where matt had been abducted at the quizno's. >> they're working with the gangs unit in detroit pd. >> yes. >> reporter: and they had been going frustrating, block by block, finding not much of anything. >> right. >> reporter: and then there is thursday. >> yeah.
10:46 pm
then there's thursday. >> reporter: thursday, the task force was out in strength, 15 officers banging on doors, issuing search warrants, pressuring gang members who may have known the suspect called ihop. >> i have a son. i have kids too. i had made a promise to dorene, i said even though it's not roseville's jurisdiction, i said, i will do whatever i can to help you find your son. >> reporter: helping, walking mean streets. >> more homes are abandoned than are occupied. and it's a rough neighborhood. >> reporter: that thursday morning, lieutenant blarek had teamed up with fellow roseville detective jim noblesdorff. >> we were just coming to dead ends and we walked out of one of the houses, and there was a penny lying in the street. and had the heads up. and i picked it up, i says, this is it. this is it. >> reporter: your luck is
10:47 pm
turned. >> my luck turned. a short time after that, we ended up going for a ride and we ended up here. >> reporter: it was the first house they checked after blarek had found the lucky penny just minutes before. >> and how we got here, why we got here, i can't explain that one. but we got here. >> reporter: it was now 10:30 in the morning. >> i see what looks like a little foot path where somebody had gone through there at some point in the summer. and make my way up what used to be the porch. and i look in. the house is all burned out. as i peeked around the corner, i saw some flip flops here. i stepped in further. and i saw the body itself. >> reporter: in the august swelter, the body had decomposed beyond recognition. they knew they had a white man with an apparent gunshot wound to the head. the victim had been wearing jeans and tell-tale flip flops. >> it's not the outcome we wanted. but at least he was found. >> reporter: the hometown detective, scott blackwell,
10:48 pm
rushed over from nearby streets to confirm the finding. >> when i saw this body, i knew it was him. >> reporter: detective blackwell's immediate concern was to let the landrys know in the most humane way possible before the media was on to it. he called his chief of police. >> i remember chief of police coming to the front door. i knew when he walked in. i could tell by the look on his face what he was going to tell me. i didn't want to hear it. after i got done crying, i wanted to take a shower, like i was going to wash it all away. my matt. coming up. could one man be behind this? >> i'm 6'6", 280 pounds. matt could take me out.
10:49 pm
matt was that strong. >> maybe one man wasn't. and an anguished cry for change. >> i'm pleading to the mayor of detroit. ask me what it's like when my tempur-pedic moves. [ male announcer ] why not talk to someone who owns an adjustable version of the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur advanced ergo. goes up. goes up. ask me what it's like to get a massage anytime you want. goes down. goes down. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic brand owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. ergonomics. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. [ female announcer ] for more information or to find a retailer near you, visit
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>> we stayed up late, i'll never forget that wonderful night. >> reporter: in her journal, francesca enshrined her last hours with matt landry in a song. a reworking of last kiss, an oldie mash-up by pearl jam. >> now he's gone, even though he's in my heart, i lost my love, my life, that night. ♪
10:53 pm
>> reporter: so when do you guys miss him? >> every second, every day. >> yeah. and, like, i miss him any time i touch an instrument or any time i listen to our favorite bands. >> they identified him on friday. >> reporter: matt's decomposed body, discovered in a hell hole of a house, was positively id'd by the medical examiner through dental records. the m.e.said the cause of death was a single gunshot to the back of the head. already under arrest and now charged with a fresh crime, killing matt, was a man known on the streets known as ihop. he had given police the phony name giles, but his fingerprints revealed him to be 17-year-old ihab maslamani. his attorney said he came to michigan to live with relatives, who, according to juvenile court records, neglected him. he then became a chronic failure in the state's child welfare
10:54 pm
services. fleeing foster homes for a life on detroit's gang-infested northeast side. >> my job here is to make sure he gets the best and fairest trial he can get. >> state your name for the record. >> ihab maslamani. >> reporter: he faced a slew of charges, including murder, kidnapping and carjacking in the landry case, bank robbery in the flagstar stick-up and carjacking in the walmart incident. he pleaded not guilty to all charges. >> they're hitting him now. hit him in the face. they're beating him up now. >> reporter: but there were two assailants according to the 911 caller. matt had been double-teamed. an explanation, his friends say, for why this powerfully fit drummer was taken against his will. >> i'm 6'6", 280 pounds. matt could take me out. matt was that strong. >> reporter: after matt's body was found, the task force continued combing northeast detroit for quizno's suspect
10:55 pm
number two. sources squeezed on the street told the cops they should be looking for 16-year-old robert "fat daddy" taylor. >> we flooded that area and we shut down the drug trade in that area. >> reporter: you guys were bad for business. >> we destroyed the business for one week and we made a statement to them. therefore, i believe they made a statement to fat daddy that you better get out of our neighborhood. so he ultimately turned himself in. >> reporter: taylor was also charged with murder and kidnapping in the quizno's abduction. he pleaded not guilty. the defense theorized that matt already knew maslamani when they bumped into each other. some kind of horseplay ensued and they all drove off together voluntarily. any reason to think he would have known who those guys were? >> no, sir. we believe that it was totally random. totally random. >> wrong place at the wrong time. could have been any one of us. >> reporter: and these detectives have advice for anyone ambushed like that in broad daylight or even at night.
10:56 pm
>> at no time should you allow someone to take you from point a. to point b. >> reporter: don't go. >> don't go. >> reporter: you fight to the death, period. because once you're on their turf, it's over. >> the young woman at the bank dropped right to the floor. she says, i'm not going with you. >> that's what saved her life. >> grass is growing. my flowers are blooming. but i am just dead inside. just dead inside. >> reporter: in the days after she lost her son, a grief-stricken dorene landry went public with a cause important to her. condemning the burned-out and abandoned houses in northeast detroit that area gangs call home. >> i'm pleading to the mayor of detroit, that area needs to be cleaned up. it's nothing but a garbage pit. >> there's thousands of houses in detroit that are abandoned. that they live in. >> reporter: just raze 'em, knock 'em down. >> just flatten 'em. >> reporter: in fact, the detroit mayor started a program to do just that. this house where matt's body was found was one of the dilapidated
10:57 pm
homes recently demolished. in the fall of 2010, maslamani and taylor were tried and found guilty of all charges. maslamani on 18 counts, including first degree murder, kidnapping and bank robbery. taylor for first degree murder, kidnapping, and four other counts. both were sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. dorene landry got to speak directly to maslamani. >> you have disrespected our court system. you spit on the floor of the court. you have smiled at my family. you smiled for the cameras. and what i wanted to say to you was who is smiling now? but i can't. nobody has won here. nobody. not my family. not you. i just pray that you will never have the opportunity to devastate another family like this again. >> reporter: to this day, dorene is haunted by the whys and what-ifs.
10:58 pm
>> it took one second, literally one second to end matthew's life. and that one second has literally turned our family upside down. >> reporter: matt's funeral services in that day's program explained was intended to remember the joy, the laughter, the smiles. and no one would forget on that sad day that matt was also a rocker. >> matthew was a drummer. but he had an acoustic guitar. he would always start "stairway to heaven" and it seemed like through time he would get through a little bit more. you know, he would learn a little bit more of it. i would love to listen to him doing that. and we asked the priest, father, i know this is unusual. i said but if you have anyone that could play "stairway to heaven," that would be beautiful. he says, let me see what i can
10:59 pm
do. ♪ >> reporter: and so he came up with a group of musicians to honor matt with a song he loved. about a symbolic stairway that he climbed way too soon. >> and it was so beautiful. and it was just perfect. matthew loved it. he would have loved it. that's all for now. i am lester holt new details on the chp shooting, the officer and suspect fighting for his life. have you seen this woman? the mystery behind the woman who vanished in san jose.

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